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Jessica Mulroney Is the Real Fashion Royalty

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I’m posted up on a stool in Jessica Mulroney’s spotless Toronto kitchen, the marble countertop covered in platters of steak strips, smoked salmon, and sliced veggies. Dressed in jeans and Adidas Star Wars shell toes (“I’m a sneaker freak; I’ve been collecting since I was in my 20s,” she says later, pointing to her Stormtrooper-ed toes), Mulroney rushes to the door to pop a kiss on the cheek of chef Matt Basile, a friend of the family who just bustled into the house with trays of food and a pitcher of hibiscus margaritas. Mulroney is the kind of woman who lives by her own rule, “Cocktail hour starts after you do three things,” and bounces across the room to give me a high five when the tequila, her “happy trigger,” appears. After 10 minutes in her company, I want to reveal my darkest secrets. After 15, I’m certain we’re best friends.

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In Canada, Mulroney is fashion royalty: brand consultant, bridal authority, fashion contributor (on Citytv’s CityLine), and Instagram star. In the U.S., the newly minted Good Morning America “fashion guru” is better known as the best friend of Meghan Markle, the duchess of Sussex. Though the public sees Mulroney as Markle’s “unofficial stylist,” Mulroney doesn’t consider herself a stylist at all—nor does she want to be one. “Styling is such a small part of what I do,” she says between chews. “I have, like, 10 jobs. People don’t know that I work so much on the back end of things. They think I’m just dressing people. My business is with brands.”

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